We are swift in both parcel pick up and delivery. We are always on time


Our staff has excellent track record in efficiency in service delivery.


You can rely on us and trust us with both sensitive and insensitive documents.

Local Courier Delivery:

Different time-based local service choices are available through EPost. In general, one-way deliveries should be finished within the estimated times (barring any serious traffic or weather issues) shown on our delivery timetables.
Pay attention to the following:
Rush Deliveries: To request a rush delivery, please provide us with your deadline time. If your deadline cannot be met for any reason, a customer service representative will contact you to discuss the additional time required. Complete Delivery Instructions - All deliveries must include the recipient's direct phone number, as well as the sender and recipient's complete addresses. Service after hours.

Air & Ground Logistics

Air: Same-day delivery for everything from light packages to heavy objects. Early AM services the next day. Delivery from airport to airport or door to door Ground: Nationwide coverage, regular delivery service (2-4 working days). delivery of products, both light and heavy, Delivery via full truckload, Economy service, Overnight shipment, and Door-to-Door.

Storage Solutions

Storage for transitional office/home move is only available to very select VIP clientele. EPost is prepared to store your inventory, whether you need it for a few days or several months. You can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment or personal things are safe with us thanks to our constant security.
Contact us with your name, email address, a brief description of the objects you need to store, and the square footage or cubic footage you require in order to receive a formal quote. *We don't provide climate-controlled storage spaces.

Van & Truck Delivery

Your house or workplace belongings will be moved by FDLS in as little as two hours if you need it. We don't have any minimums for staff or hourly rates, and we can typically give you an upfront cost estimate over the phone without needing to visit the site. We guarantee prompt pickups and deliveries from/to any place, including courtrooms, law offices, hotels, and copy shops. We will pick up and deliver anywhere, anytime, unlike the major shippers and movers. We can arrange the delivery of whatever item you require, including furniture, computers, shelves, computers, and office supplies.

Event Logistics

Deliveries for trade shows, corporate conferences, VIP receptions, weddings, receptions, interior design, furniture, electronics, office moves, house moves, or moves for weddings. Our moving services can organize and transfer your convention booths, materials, personal belongings, and displays safely and promptly to your setup location with little to no notice. We have a lot of moving experience at various venues and locales. Get in touch with us right away, and we'll give you advice on the most affordable choice that fits your delivery requirements and price range.


In order to ensure that your vital IT equipment travels through customs safely and arrives on time, EPost will handle the packing and shipping of computer and networking equipment for domestic and international shipments. Throughout the shipping process, you will receive individualized attention from EPost. With our considerable knowledge, our customs specialists will help your company save a lot of money on overseas shipments. In accordance with the date specified by the client and at a large cost savings when compared to FedEX, UPS, and DHL, EPost ships its deliveries via truck or air depending on how cost-effective it is.

Paralegal Support

We are able to preserve your firm's secret documents while customizing any "discovery exchange" shipments. Only in accordance with specified deadlines will we execute "desk-to-desk" pickups and deliveries to and from each particular sender or recipient. A paralegal may be temporarily located on-site, at a hotel, a storage facility, an office, or the location of another business. EPost can pick them up anywhere, at any time.
We're accessible for:
Time-sensitive local and international dispatches, identical-day air dispatches 365-day accessibility weekend and after-hours city-to-city dispatches substantial lifting and transportation of objects

Locksmith Services

Our special dispatchers, who handle our on-demand deliveries, are skilled and experienced, and they have a 97% on-time track record.

For our Federal and Government agency or people, EPost offers special services including time-sensitive land and air deliveries. The Federal Capital Territory and the entire country can be rapidly and securely served by the more than 100 special dispatchers in our fleet.

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Special Ecommerce Plan

Enroll for our Special Ecommerce Plan and get special discounts every time you deliver with us. We have the || Daily Plan || Weekly Plan  || Monthly Plan

Food Delivery

We deliver foods of different variety to your door step as fresh and hot as you prefer.

Laundry Pickups/Drop Off

We will regularly or on request pick up your laundry and deliver it to the dry cleaners of your choosing.

Pharmaceutical Logistics

We consider good distribution practices (GDP) to be a method of quality assurance for medications meant for human consumption.

Grocery Pickups

We offer less expensive grocery delivery that may be scheduled for the customer's convenience.

Personal Errands

We offer personal errand delivery that is equally secure as cargo delivery and has a shorter delivery time for urgent deliveries.

Asoebi Distribution

Use our courier service for that quick delivery if you need the Asoebi right away without delay or disappointment.